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As an ICD.D certified professional, I bring a wealth of expertise to RJ-Alpha Advisory Services. My background in business turnarounds and operations, coupled with my experience as a CEO, gives me a unique perspective on the challenges that companies can face. At RJ-Alpha Advisory Services, we offer a wide range of skills and services, from deep tech expertise to sales acumen and capital raising. As an experienced capital allocator and empathetic advisor, I can sit alongside your management team coaching on your strategic choices. Whatever your business needs, we're here to help you achieve your goals and succeed.

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My Story

Greg Allen is currently a Partner with Vancouver-based Chrysalix Venture Capital. He is responsible for fundraising, portfolio investments, fund management and governance advisory. Greg sits on several early and late-stage boards as a board member and observer. He advises industrial and cleantech start-ups on strategy, product management, sales and supply chain strategies.


Greg is the risk committee chair and board member of AoFrio, a listed tech company in New Zealand. He was previously CEO of this company where he led the financial turnaround, closed a major strategic investor transaction and delivered a strategic transformation from hardware to IoT data services. He serves as a board member with Canadian wireless communications semiconductor start-up HaiLa, where he oversaw a CEO and board transition. 


Greg has experience in local government and trade association policy advisory. He is a member of the Economic Advisory Committee for the City of Richmond, British Columbia. He is also a member of the Policy Advisory Committee for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. 


As an advising partner to VC firms, Greg is deeply involved in companies that develop technology to help heavy industry decarbonize and enable the energy transition. He is currently exploring investment areas such as waste heat and thermal energy storage, the use of Artificial intelligence in decarbonization and the circular economy. He also recently sat on the Cardiff University, UK research advisory panel for enabling repurposing using product transformation and connected collaboration.


Message us!. RJ-Alpha Advisory Services can provide board and venture capital advisory to help you tackle tough governance challenges and risk oversight. With our expertise in various industries, we offer tailored solutions to meet your business needs and drive your success.


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